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Real Food Heritage is owned and operated by Firelight Heritage Farm. We are dedicated to conducting objective research on real food and clean ag issues.

Our site visitors are welcome to participate in casual studies, by submitting anedotal information regarding the objects of current research or study as listed here. Submitted information will be correlated and used to determine the extent of formal study that is necessary to draw reasonable conclusions. Participation in more formal research projects and studies is also permitted, on our approval, and when our instructions are followed.


Current Research Projects

Ancestral Food Study - We are gathering information on the potential for changes in foods from modern foods, to their ancestral equivalents, and the effect of such change on health, especially with metabolic disorders, metabolic deficiencies, and mitochondrial damage or disorders. This includes such changes as white flour to whole wheat, whole wheat to spelt, chicken eggs to quail or duck eggs, commercial pork to home raised pork, corn fed to grass fed meats, etc. GLUTEN ISSUES ARE NOT RELEVANT TO THIS STUDY (Gluten was part of the ancestral diet). Those wishing to participate may submit anecdotal information via our Contact information on this website.

Clean Ag Research - We are conducting research regarding animal diets, and elimination of chlorine in animal diets. This involves a range of experiments involving fodder feeding, forage feeding, elimination of commercially blended feeds, filtering of livestock water (when municipal or other treated water is used), and feeding of animals on scraps and home surplus (practicality and sustainability issues based on household size). Those wishing to participate may indicate their specific area of interest, and Contact us for instructions.

Wild Mushrooms and Health Study - Can regular consumption of a variety of wild mushrooms result in positive health benefits? To participate in this study, you must be comfortable accessing wild mushrooms (either by forage, or by purchase, and they are costly to purchase), and in consuming a variety of them about twice per week. Individuals interested in participating may Contact us for instructions.

Wild Mushroom Cultivation Research - Our company is currently conducting experiments on cultivation of wild mushrooms in containment, and developing non-sterile growing techniques, in combination with development of organic methods for controlling insect infestations, and the development of natural and sustainable substrates which are not compiled from industrial waste.


As resources and time allow, we will be taking on more ambitious research, which will eventually include some lab research on microbes, chemical content of foods, and nutritional values. This kind of research is far more costly, and will be instigated when funding allows.


The information on this site is presented for informational purposes only, and consists of the opinions and experiences of the site authors. It is not to be construed as medical advice or to be used to diagnose or treat any illness. Seek the assistance of a medical professional in implementing any nutritional changes with the goal of treating any medical condition. The historical and nutritional information presented here can be verified by a simple web search.

I do what I do because I understand the science behind it, and I've researched worldwide sources to verify the safety of my practices to my own satisfaction. Please do your own research, and proceed AT YOUR OWN RISK.



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