More Than Cranberry

Cranberry juice, and cranberries, are a longstanding and well known natural health remedy, which are traditionally used for kidney and urinary tract health. Long experience with using them persuades me that they are indeed useful for UTIs, and kidney function issues of certain types.

Many people do not realize that cranberries are not alone in their ability to provide this type of benefit. There are other fruits and berries which have been shown to have similar effects. So you have options if you just cannot bear cranberries.

  • Blueberries - Blueberries are similar in content to cranberries, but possess a higher amount of natural sugars.
  • Bilberries - Useful for vision support (especially night vision as proven with soldiers during WWI), bilberries also contain similar acids and antioxidants to cranberries, and are useful for urinary tract health.
  • Lingonberries - Distantly related to Cranberries, Lingonberries are useful for similar issues.
  • Pomegranate - The fruit or juice of pomegranates are also delightfully acidic and packed with antioxidants that are beneficial to kidneys.
  • Apple - Even the lowly apple contains many of the same components that Cranberries contain, though in lesser amounts. Cran-apple is a longstanding favorite with many people, and both the cran and apple are beneficial.

  • Pineapple - Pineapple contains many of the same elements that benefit urinary tract health, as well as a few not present in cranberries, which aid both in maintaining, and healing from many kidney issues.
  • Orange - Delicious mixed with cranberry juice (though you'd never suspect it), oranges are useful in maintaining urinary tract health, in part due to their high acid content.
  • Sea Buckthorn - Another tart and acidic fruit which aids in maintaining good urinary tract health.

There are many other smooth red, blue, or orange bush berries, such as red huckleberries, chokecherries, bush cherries, elderberries, aronia, goji, currants, Cornelian cherry, and more, as well as kumquats, loquats, and other citrus cousins, which have similar healthful benefits for keeping your circulatory system and urinary tract healthy and in good repair. Cranberries have just had more press!

Juice is the usual recommendation, since it helps flush the system while it is treating it, but fresh or dried fruits of these types can also help, provided they are consumed with water to help flush them through the urinary tract. Dried fruits require more water than fresh fruits.

There are many options for urinary tract health, far beyond cranberries alone. Branch out, and enjoy yourself as you try new healthy fruits!


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