Easy German Potato Salad

Ok, so this is easy to make. But it is NOT easy to make the ingredients! Well, they are easy, but they do take time if you make them yourself. You can substitute whatever you need to substitute in order to make this in a hurry.

  • 1 qt diced canned potatoes (these were in my pantry), DRAINED, but NOT RINSED! You want the extra potato starch.
  • Onion - either onion powder, dried onions, or fresh (cook them in the bacon fat before you add everything else if you use fresh). It does not matter.
  • Cooked dry cured bacon (or any other bacon - I had home made maple dry cured, and it was AMAZING in this) - I think I used about a pound
  • Bacon fat - I used what came from the bacon
  • 3 pickled eggs (ok, so you can used boiled eggs if you want!) - chop them
  • 2-3 tbsp balsamic vinegar (other vinegars may be used, but this richens the flavor)
  • 2-3 tbsp sugar (any kind you like in this, I use white, you can sub honey)
  • Salt to taste

Now, you can add cooked celery if you want. I was tired. So I left it out.

I just dumped everything into a big skillet and started it cooking, and cooked it until it was reduced down and thickened. No flour. Just let the potato starch do the job. Start with a lower amount of sugar and vinegar, and add a bit more of either at the end to get the right balance.

This was EASY for me to do, because:

I can my own foods.

I cure my own meats.

I pickle my surplus eggs.

I dry my own onions.

So I had ingredients on hand that I could use to improvise a tasty meal.

My husband does NOT like German Potato Salad. But he ate leftovers of this the next day! He won't eat leftovers if he hates it!

I think it was probably the bacon that did it - I made it with a generous amount, and he simply cannot resist bacon!

A Coddiwomple Farm Original Recipe!



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