EASY Rabbit Jerky

This isn't about seasonings. Recipes for jerky seasoning are everywhere. You don't need that. You need to know how to make the process of making rabbit jerky practical.

I've seen two versions:

1. Bone out the raw rabbit, slice the meat thin, apply seasonings, etc.

Bone out a raw rabbit. Ok. That is a ROYAL PAIN to do. WORSE than boning raw chicken! There aren't any big pieces of meat! You'd be slicing up little dinky bits of meat, trying to get them thin enough for jerky. I suppose you could pound them to flatten them, and save a bit of work, but wow. That is a LOT of work for NOT a lot of return!

2. Bone out the raw rabbit, grind, season, use a jerky gun to form strips.

Same thing. That's a TON of work for a bitty amount of jerky!

I don't make rabbit sausage either. I'm sure it is delightful. If I want white meat sausage, I'll make it from chicken or turkey breast meat. I'm just not into fussy, slavish tasks when there is an easier way!

We make rabbit jerky the easy way.

We cut off the belly flaps, and use those to make jerky.

This is a uniformly thin piece of meat anyway. It does make a chewier jerky than ground. Who cares. Jerky is never a fast food to consume anyway.

There are two belly flaps per rabbit. Each belly flap makes a single serving size of jerky. Pretty nice.

Ok, so there isn't much of it. But when you are slaughtering rabbits in batches every few weeks anyway, you have sufficient to make it worthwhile.

I put them in the freezer, in a zip bag until I have enough for a good batch. Thaw them, season, marinate, and then put them into the dehydrator.

It doesn't get any easier than that!


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