Healthy Carbohydrates

With the low-carb fad, came a LOT of misunderstanding of carbohydrates!

There are two types: Simple, and Complex

Simple carbs include sugar, fructose, honey, agave, refined wheat flour, white rice, and other refined and processed carbs that convert easily to glucose.

Complex carbs include whole grains, vegetables, whole and fresh fruits, and the carbohydrates in dairy product.

Some simple carbs are needed, and useful in the body, but refined and processed types are best avoided. Simple carbs are less of a problem when consumed with complex carbs (and in fact, will affect blood sugar less when eaten in combination).

The good carbs are the whole, fresh, and uncontaminated ones (no preservatives or chemical additives). And the best way to use them is in all their diversity, including whole grains and clean dairy.


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