Most people have no idea how many different kinds of mushrooms traditional people consumed. We still see some of this heritage in parts of Europe, where the local markets have vendors with large baskets of all manner of wild edible mushrooms.

In the US, most people are only familiar with the nasty white button mushroom, and have no idea that there are other mushrooms that actually taste good (even to mushroom haters - yeah, I grew up hating mushrooms). The more mushrooms I have tasted, the more I realize that about half of them taste similar to the white button, about a quarter of them have flavors that hide in anything, so you never quite know WHAT they taste like, and the other quarter are distinctive, and quite enjoyable.

Mushrooms are a vital element in the human diet, in ways we have completely ignored. I have found that they are very healing, many are strongly antibiotic or antiviral, and virtually all mushrooms have the capacity to help your body detox, and rid itself of harmful chemical build-up. Some are helpful in balancing the metabolism, others in regulating hormones. A good variety of DIFFERENT KINDS of mushrooms, served 2-3 times per week, can be very helpful in healing and regulating a body that is out of balance and afflicted with chronic illness.

It is worth learning to identify those wild mushrooms growing in your yard. Chances are, at least a few of them are edible. Don't bother trying to ID the little ones - they aren't worth the trouble. But any larger mushrooms that grow, are worth identifying, because you have about a 50% chance of having a good edible! (If you need help with mushroom ID, email us, and ask.)


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