Myths About Sugar, And Why It Is NOT Bad For You

We all know (because we have been told so many times by manufacturers of sugar substitutes and pop "nutritionists") that sugar is entirely evil, and that there is no good from any use of it. We all know it is labeled as "addictive", "toxic", and "unhealthy". And we all know these sources are reliable because they ALL PROFIT FROM TELLING US SO!

All of this is completely bogus!


Sugar is nothing more than GLUCOSE.

Refined sugar and unrefined sugar have only one difference - The body works JUST A TEENY BIT harder to sort the unrefined sugars, as compared to refined sugar (which metabolizes easily).

The truth is that YOU NEED SUGAR!

You don't need to EAT SUGARY FOODS. But you NEED sugar.

If you DO eat sugary foods, you do NOT need to feel guilty! Period!

Sugar is NEEDED for proper body function.

As in, Glucose - Glucose is the substance that your body uses for cellular energy.

Refined sugar is just a form of glucose.

It is IMPOSSIBLE to be addicted to a substance that your body uses for normal operations.

It is impossible for a substance that your body uses to power every cell in your body to be toxic!

If you eat more fat and protein, and less carbohydrate, your body will just convert the fat to sugar for energy.

The Human Body REQUIRES glucose to produce energy.

If you don't give it to your body, it will just make it, and it is chemically identical to refined sugar.

The human body also uses sugar as an elemental resource for the production of metabolic fragments, used to produce metabolic enzymes, neurotransmitters, partial amino chains, transport enzymes, to complete incomplete nutrients, and as a source of energy for PRODUCING all that and performing metabolic functions.
WATER is the most elemental resource of this type, used in more metabolic functions than any other substance. But sugar (glucose) is the SECOND most often used elemental resource.

So if you do NOT have sugar, the body goes SERIOUSLY haywire (you do know what that means, don't you? Sigh.... you don't... The farmer's term for getting bailing wire all tangled up in the mechanism so it binds it and drags it to a halt.).


It IS possible for foods you eat to be overloaded in elements you do NOT need (or do not need as much of), and deficient in elements you need MORE of. When that happens, your body gets out of balance and craves sugar, because it is an EASY form of energy for your cells.

Conversion of other substances to sugar is hard work, and requires the presence of enzymes and micronutrients. If you are deficient in those, your body CANNOT convert sugar from fat (it lacks the "tools" to do so), so it tells you to EAT more sugar.

The problem is not sugar.

The problem is food that is not food.

When you switch to foods that your body digests and metabolizes better, the cravings for excess sugar naturally drop.

You don't have to deny yourself any sugar, you only have to give your body foods that it can digest and metabolize, and they are NOT necessarily the foods that the government or "science" recommends that you eat!

They are things like:

  • Meat. Real meat. Preferrably NOT processed in China. And EGGS! Animal proteins (NOT the same as vegetable "proteins") are required to form essential proteins for building muscle, bone, neural tissue, endocrine tissue, connective tissue, skin, etc.
  • Milk and cheese, sour cream, yogurt and kefir. Milk proteins, when intact (they are not intact in pasteurized or homogenized milk) are easy to digest and provide a wide range of metabolic support. Raw milk, yogurt, and kefir are terrific for rebuilding gut bacteria cultures, and sour cream can help with this too. Cheeses provide good proteins (the cultures help preserve the
  • BUTTER! And BACON FAT! Good animal fats are necessary for brain growth and repair, and you can't make them from vegetable fats. You can use vegetable fats for some things, but NOT for everything, and they are IN NO WAY healthier than good animal fats.
  • Wheat, Oats, Corn, Rye, Brown Rice, and other healthy grains. Ok, WHEAT IS GOOD! If you cannot digest it your gut has been damaged. Heal it. Stop blaming what. Corn is GOOD, though herbicides on it, and BT genes in it ARE HARMFUL to people! And yes, you CAN tell the difference in consuming it! GOOD corn is GOOD food. Grains provide excellent vitamin, mineral, and simple or complex carbohydrate forms, and if they are WHOLE grains (not processed in any way), they also contain some good essential oils.
  • Fresh, dried, or canned vegetables. All three have their place, and can provide good sources of vitamins and minerals, as well as complex sugars. Watch out for excess chlorine in fresh vegetables (from dipping or spraying), in dried vegetables (from dipping), and in canned (from the water in the can).
  • Fruits and fruit juices. NO, JUICE IS NOT BAD!!! It is part of EVERY historical diet! Fruits and juices are EXCELLENT for ENHANCING THE EFFICIENCY OF DIGESTION, and to provide many metabolic building blocks. Put some ketchup on your eggs, ok? (Remember, tomatoes are fruits.)
  • Chocolate. This is in a food class all its own. I know, I know.... But it has so many digestive and metabolic enzymes in it that I cannot leave it out! Some people with certain health issues NEED chocolate to function well. And it always comes with a load of sugar. That's just part of the package deal. (I just tell my body to use the sugar for energy... and believe it or not, that does seem to impact the processing in the body.)

Good food is the foundation of a healthy diet. Good food that is actually FOOD, not a food-like substance.

Now, I am not recommending you eat nothing but refined foods loaded with sugar. There is no doubt that this results in a diet that is OUT OF BALANCE.

But I also have NO PROBLEM with deserts, even daily. Ours are mostly chocolate.

I've totally come to terms with sugar. I don't go seeking out high sugar snacks or foods. But I do put it into recipes that call for it, and I do NOT feel guilty about doing so!

I use many things that are condemned for their sugar content.

I use chutney, ketchup, sweet pickles, salad dressings, barbeque sauce,  jam, cookies, peanut butter or other nut butters, a few dry cereals, chocolate (did I need to say that again?), soda pop (ok this is an entirely different issue, I use it for the sodium benzoate, which chelates ammonia, due to a familial metabolic condition), hot chocolate mix, and many other things. These things DO NOT MAKE UP THE BULK OF MY DIET!!! But I use them, and do not feel guilty!

Be conservative if you like. But there is no reason to fear every crystal of sugar that crosses your path!

Sugar is not toxic, nor is it addictive.

It is just GLUCOSE!


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