Politics of Food

It seems there is a war on, against fresh food, local food, raw milk, organic food, artisan foods, and home food production. It used to be the government encouraged these things, but now they discourage them, through a combination of fear tactics, regulatory burdens, and punitive actions.

Farmer's Markets have caught on in many areas, and now the Federal Government is making noises about "assisting" them. This is the first step in controlling them, after which they can discourage the grassroots, independent element in them. Yes, folks, one follows the other, as night follows day.

This is the pattern that has plagued good food. There are currently still some legal exceptions that small farmers can take advantage of to produce food without Federal oversight, but they are closing one by one, as the Federal Government tightens its noose, and as local and state governments rush to fill the void with their own restrictive regulations.

Food IS political, and always will be, because it is the ultimate means of controlling the public.


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