Its So Healthy But I Just Don't Like It!

You really don't have to LIKE everything! Individual tastes arise from familiarity, and from personal body issues that make processing some foods easy for you, and others hard.

I have learned to live by the rule that I eat what I LIKE, and I do NOT eat what I do not like! This one thing has really helped me to reduce indigestion, and improve my digestive health.

So I don't eat ANYTHING just because someone says it is healthy.

A real shocker to many people is that many foods that are touted as "healthy" really aren't! Let's explore a few.

Soy - Not a good food. People digest it poorly. Most soy products are highly refined, and highly contaminated with various chemicals used in the refining process. What is left is anything BUT digestible, no matter what the original food contained.

Olive Oil - You really can't find good olive oil, it is mostly canola oil, which is poorly digested, and can really mess up some people. When you DO find "pure" olive oil, it goes rancid so fast that you rarely finish the bottle before it degrades to a point where it is no longer digestible by many people.

Kale - Many people don't handle brassica vegetables well, and kale isn't even one of the best of those.

Whole Grains - Depends on the grain. I'm a real fan of hard white wheat - or I used to be. But it has been altered in recent years to the point that I no longer tolerate it well. It isn't a gluten issue, quite the contrary. The gluten has been REDUCED in it, and I don't digest it as well now. Many whole grains are not really whole grains either, they ALWAYS lack the germ, unless you milled it fresh yourself.

Fresh vegetables in general - I can't eat them well anymore, because they are so contaminated with chlorine. There are several reasons for this, but my body can't handle the chlorine, so it turns away from fresh veggies. They are also often contaminated with sprout inhibitors.

Fresh fruits - I can't really eat much of those anymore either, because they are contaminated with chlorine or detergents - haven't you noticed the funny chemical flavor in your apples?

Turkey bacon or burger - Actually, any turkey substitute for red meat just turns my palate OFF. Turkey was never meant to masquerade as bacon. It makes better sandwiches and casseroles! And ground turkey does NOT substitute straight over for hamburger, it is dryer, and the flavor profile is very different, so you can't just season it like beef or pork! Your body knows the difference - when it wants beef it does not want turkey!

Vegetarian or Vegan foods - Ok, so you NEED the protein! You really do! MEAT protein! And animal FATS (brain food). And a lot of these foods just aren't FOOD, they are highly refined food like substances that just gross out anyone who actually LIKES to eat!

So the first thing we need to be sure of if we don't like something, is that it really IS healthy, and that it really IS FOOD!

Secondly, we need to account for our own tastes, and our own physical abilities to digest and metabolize various types of nutrients.

Sometimes we don't like a thing because we cannot digest it well, or we cannot metabolize the forms of nutrients it contains. The "good" nutrients in beets are just a little different than the SAME nutrients in a red or purple carrot, or a dark red sweet potato (or a purple sweet potato). Sometimes you don't LIKE a thing because your body just does not know what to do with it!

Preparing it a different way can really help. Choosing a different variety can really help - maybe a Chiogggia beet, or a Golden beet. I dislike MOST mushrooms. A few I really LOVE, and some others I like ok in certain recipes, but not in others.

What you eat it WITH can matter also. Some foods I ONLY like pickled, or I like BETTER when served with a companion food that helps my body either break it down better, or which gives my body the enzymes or partial nutrients needed to either trim down a nutrient molecule that has extra bits, or add to an incomplete nutrient molecule. Condiments really help me handle eggs, tuna, and certain meats.

But if you try to eat them, different ways, different types. and you STILL DON'T LIKE THEM, then let yourself off the hook. You can get those SAME benefits from MANY other foods.

There's no Magical Food for Health. Good variety is now, and always has been, the key.

What you LIKE is a MAJOR factor in determining what is good for YOU. So don't ignore your body!


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