The Scariest Ever Delicious Pickled Egg!

I just HAD to try it. I LOVE pickled eggs, and I LOVE balsamic vinegar. So I did it.

I filled a Quart jar with about 1 1/2 cups of balsamic vinegar. I added about 2 1/4 cups of sugar. Stir and stir and stir and stir and it eventually dissolves.

Dropped in 12 peeled boiled eggs.

I lasted about a day before I tried one.


The egg was already black on the outside, just barely. And shiny.

And just barely pickly delicious.

A day later, and the egg was TOTALLY BLACK on the outside.

The inside of the egg white was still WHITE! The egg yolk did not change color either.

So this is about the 6th time I've made these, and this time I forgot one in the fridge. It turned out a little different, the outside of the yolk also turned black. Weird. But the white is still very white inside.

This egg pickling mixture does some weird things.

The first time you use it, with fresh vinegar and sugar, it will absorb the FLAVOR all the way through, but the outside gets black, and the white stays white. Even if you let it sit for a week, it seems to do this, and the yolk will be flavored, but not colored.

If you reuse the brine, even if you add more vinegar and sugar, the outside won't get black, it will just get BROWN, and the white will turn light brown also. You still get the dark color outside and a light color inside, but they are more blended. The color will go all the way to the yolk if you let it.

You can add pickling spices to it if you want, but it tastes just great with only the sugar and vinegar.

I think these will be a real contender for Halloween.

NOTE: Balsamic Vinegar can give you a reaction. Kinda itchy, maybe swelly. But it usually does that on the FIRST exposure. The second exposure will be better, or worse, it can go either way. The third exposure tells you whether you should continue to have anything with Balsamic Vinegar (or at least with a LOT of it). If the third exposure is worse, don't use it again. If the third is better, then you are likely to stop reacting to it within 1-2 more exposures. Your body just learns how to handle it.


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