Eggs have a very long history as food. Eaten raw long before they were eaten cooked, and added to all manner of baked goods, casseroles, and breakfast foods, eggs have been the bellweather of the economy, the farmer's wife's income generation, and the guilty secret of the cheating vegan.

High in B12, and many other fat soluble vitamins and minerals, eggs also have a history of sensitivities among people with certain allergies, or who have protein intolerances. The causes of this are many, and varied, so the solution for one person is not the same as the solution for another.

One thing is certain... The yolks are LESS likely to cause sensitivities than the whites, the yolks are the HEALTHY part of the egg, and the nutrient density of eggs is concentrated in the yolk more than the whites.

One of the things that surprised me, when I was dealing with egg sensitivities, is that those are the sensitivities that told me exactly how my digestive tract was doing. If I could tolerate eggs, I was doing well. If I was having problems, I'd get intolerant to the whites, and then to the yolks. While I was healing, I'd be able to handle yolks again, and then whites.

Not only that, but I could digest smaller eggs better than larger ones! Bantam chicken eggs were easier to digest (true bantams, not bred down versions). Quail eggs are even easier. Duck eggs were harder to digest, and goose eggs harder still. I would not have thought this would be the case, but it was!

And one more thing is VERY certain... Eggs are FAR more healthy than egg substitutes.


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