Some people think you can live on vegetables alone. Interestingly, they never think that for more than a decade, during which they struggle mightily with the craving for meats and dairy (usually cheese). They crave eggs, and lasagna with chunks of Italian sausage. And hamburgers... With bacon.

Vegetables ARE a really important part of a healthy diet, and they should make an appearance on the plate at every meal where practical. In fact, if they have two spots reserved on the lunch and dinner plate, it is a really good thing!

But VEGETABLES is not the same thing as VEGETABLE DERIVED FOOD PRODUCTS. Refined vegetable products are NOT good vegetables.

Fresh, dried, or pickled (lacto-fermented) vegetables are the best choices. Fresh vegetables are filled with probiotics, packed with water soluble vitamins and minerals, and help you many ways.

The best vegetables are straight from the field, where they have never been touched by chlorinated water. Second best is either pickled or dried.


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