Moods and Behaviors

Nutrition can have a tremendous affect on moods and upon our ability to control certain behaviors. When one has chronically low energy levels, depression often accompanies it.

Having experienced clinical depression with every pregnancy except one, and seasonal depression until about 10 years ago, I've experienced the effect that nutrition and health can have on mental health. The depression diminished as my digestive health improved.

There are various diets recommended for improving mood stability and concentration, but there are more failures from it than successes, in part because it is so difficult to restrain oneself to an unnatural diet - and most diets recommended for this ARE unnatural.

For our family, the best solution was to just heal the body. And that was done best by a wide variety of real foods, which are the best quality we can afford - in other words, the foods that have the least possible chemical contamination.


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I do what I do because I understand the science behind it, and I've researched worldwide sources to verify the safety of my practices to my own satisfaction. Please do your own research, and proceed AT YOUR OWN RISK.



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