Wheat Berries Fast and Tasty

Need more whole wheat in your food? Wheat berries are a fast and easy way to add it, if you plan ahead just a little.

Whole wheat (the entire grain) can be cooked on low overnight in the crock pot. In the morning, drain it, and package it up in half cup amounts and freeze it. It is then ready to be added on impulse to all kinds of things.

1. Cereal. Add brown sugar, heat in the microwave, makes a traditional chewy breakfast cereal. You can add milk if you want.
2. Add to oatmeal. Adds texture and nutritional variety to oatmeal.Really good with cranberries.
3. Add to soups and stews. Just toss one bag in for a little extra interest in the soup, just like barley.
4. Add to rice pilaf, or fried rice.
5. Add to chili, or to casseroles.
6. Add to hot or cold salads.

Boiled wheat berries are really good in a lot of dishes, and most of the time half a cup is about right to add to a pot of soup - just enough to know it is there, not enough to dominate.


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